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12 Ways to Approach a Girl to Like You


How to approach a woman is actually not difficult, but in contrast to some people who experience difficulties, especially those who are very shy.

Indeed, we can say that how to approach women must be accompanied by guts, so that is the weakness of men who lack guts, so they have difficulty approaching a woman.

We should believe in a mate, all humans are created in pairs and a man must dare to find a woman to be his partner.

But that’s the human thing. But you don’t need to worry, because the calm admin has tips so you can approach women and even like you.

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The Most Effective Way to Approach a Woman

As the admin said that admin has 12 ways to approach women, all of them will be noted by admin so that you calm friends have no trouble approaching her and even succeed in making her like calm friends.

  1. Do not be ashamed, strengthen your guts
    Starting from the first is guts, once again the admin said that a man’s job is to find a woman so he can have a partner. Trust those who have a very strong gut partner.

If you are still shy about approaching women, how can he like you? Therefore guts are the main key in approaching a woman so that she can like you.

  1. Be kind and friendly
    Women like men who are friendly, kind and generous. So, if a man has this attitude, a woman will easily put her feelings because she feels happy with him.

If you don’t believe it, try asking your close female friends, what kind of attitude does a woman like the most in a man? The answer must be a good and responsible man.

  1. Impress Women
    Then you also have to be able to impress your potential partner with you. Anything you do to make him proud and impressed by your presence.

Common things that impress women are appearance, cleanliness, simplicity, kindness, caring for others, and other things that are still positive.

  1. Don’t get bored easily
    Women don’t like men who are easily baper or bring feelings. So the admin hopes for calm friends who want to approach women, don’t get bored because he won’t like you.

If you are tired, he will actually ilfil when he is close to you. So, when you are near him, he does and says anything, don’t be upset, just take it easy.

  1. Be a man with a leadership spirit
    Initiative is something that makes a woman like a man, a leader spirit is one of the best impressions for a woman to really fall in love with a man.

So the way to approach a woman who is truly effective is to be a man with a leadership spirit. How? Starting from small things, try to determine where you will meet him, don’t ask him to determine the place.

  1. Looking into his eyes when you are near
    If you have succeeded in meeting the woman who is your prospective companion, then now you just have to chat. Don’t just shut up, just say whatever you find.

And when chatting, look him in the eye while digesting what is being said, or while you are talking to him, don’t even snuggle when chatting, that’s not good.

  1. Don’t Ask Many Questions
    The biggest mistake men make is being a journalist when they are close to women. Based on the admin’s experience, many people have questions that even make the woman ilfil to the admin.

Because maybe they feel pressured by the question. Just ask questions that you really have to ask and make sense, don’t go too deep.

  1. Take responsibility when you make mistakes
    Now what amazes and impresses women the most is a man who is responsible, as admin mentioned above, is the soul of a leader.

When you make a mistake, even a small thing, for example you accidentally bumped into someone who ended up falling, try to wake him up and apologize, believe the woman will be amazed at you.

  1. Pay Attention To The Time To Approach It
    Just guys, don’t know the rules, don’t be rich, yes calm friends. Try to pay attention to this time will be very important, see what time the woman is angry? Confused? Or whatever.

If that happens, this is not the right time to approach him, he is in a high emotional state, so he won’t pay attention to you when you meet him because he’s thinking of something else.

  1. Don’t be a show-off person
    Even though many say “That woman likes a man who has lots of possessions” is false, even many women are ilfil when they see a man showing off something he has.

Be a man who is simple but authoritative, simplicity is something that is very liked by women even though many people say as admin said.

  1. Give Him Time To Be Alone
    If he really refuses you to approach, don’t be forced and you don’t get bored right away, who knows he’s just testing you, are you a baper man ?.

Or maybe he is experiencing a condition that makes him want to be alone, so once the admin says time is the main key in approaching women.

  1. Try to Express Feelings
    How to approach this woman is not the tip, but the end of the story of the approach you are currently taking. If he’s really close, try to express your feelings.

But again, timing is the key, if it’s not the right time, don’t force it. Then if he needs time to answer, just give it away and finally if he refuses, don’t push.

Those are the tips and how to approach a woman so that she likes you until she becomes your partner, hopefully what the admin said above is really effective and you will soon find a partner.

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