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Tips for earning from home during the Covid-19 pandemic


As we know, currently the whole world is being shocked by the presence of a new virus that has emerged since the beginning of 2020, this virus is called coronavirus 2 or SARC-CoV-2 or 2019-nCoV. This virus attacks the respiratory system, and to make matters worse this virus can actually cause death for sufferers who have weak immune systems, especially if the sufferer has previously had a history of other diseases, then this virus will attack the sufferer’s body very quickly.

Tips for earning from home during the Covid-19 pandemic
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Talking about the corona virus, it must have something to do with the economy. How come ? currently there are many government policies that are trying to combat this virus, one of which is social distancing policies, calls to avoid crowds, calls to stay at home if there is no urgent need to leave the house, appeals to education online. This has also caused an economic downturn for every country affected by the covid virus. The unemployment rate increases because companies reduce their workforce, because maybe during the Covid pandemic like this the demand for goods is unusual. The economy all over the world is unstable because there are several countries that are locking down so that they limit the number of flights, the number of export and import.

Now conditions like this require us to continue to have an income because there may be a dilemma of looking for work but there are no vacancies because of Covid, here are some tips from me that might help you to stay income even from home, the tips are:

  1. Selling Online
    Yes. Surely you are not surprised by the word selling online, during the Covid pandemic, many people choose to buy their necessities online instead of having to go shopping to crowded places. You can sell whatever you want, for example you like to cook, you can use that hobby for income. You can offer products that you sell through many applications, through WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and other Marketplaces. Add a delicious taste and different from the others, add photos of your dishes that attract customers, maybe free delivery to attract customers’ attention.
  1. Write a blog
    Maybe freelance work seems uncertain to some people, because maybe an uncertain salary is not like working for a company or working in a government agency that has a definite nominal rupiah per month. But did you know that freelance work such as writing articles, blogging and many others can be done part-time from home, have a lot of free time at home, do not have tight working hours. It turns out that if you are diligent in writing blogs you can earn millions of rupiah per month, Wow, isn’t it interesting? This is very helpful, of course, for someone who still wants to make an income even at home in a covid pandemic like this.
  1. Become a Content Creator
    Maybe there are still those who don’t know what Content Creator is? So Content Creator is the contribution of someone related to information to any media, especially digital media, because now, along with the development of digital media technology, there are so many enthusiasts from young age to old age. You can express something that you want to inform the general public, it can be a cooking video, it can be a makeup video, it can be how to paint, and many other useful things that you can spread when you become a Content Creator.

In this modern era, this device is very often used, even of all ages can operate this device. In this device, there are many applications that can make money, one of which is Youtube. Many use YouTube as entertainment, seeking knowledge, seeking insight, and many others. We can use the Youtube application to create content according to the skills we can do. If this is practiced, you will get income ranging from hundreds to billions of rupiah from YouTube.

  1. Opening Private Tutoring Services
    At the time of this pandemic, many parents might mess around with giving their children school lessons. Because every family has not only one child but some who have many. Of course it will be very overwhelmed because at the time of the covid pandemic, schools were converted into online learning.

Now you can open private tutoring services for school children, you can provide knowledge and also of course get paid from the private tutoring services you do. You can determine the private tutoring schedule that you will provide, and not only one child you can provide tutoring services private to many children. For the rate, you can determine the rate according to what you teach and according to the study hours.

  1. Selling Electric Credit and Internet Data Packages
    During a pandemic like this, many schools have started online learning activities, of course a learning process like this requires an internet network. Now you can try opening a business selling phone credit and internet packages at home.

You can start by marketing it online or by opening a shop at home. This business package also does not require a lot of capital, so it is very effective for those of us who want to try to open a business with minimal capital.

Thank you and good luck with the tips that I have provided, hopefully they can help.

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