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The Role of Women in Blockchain Becomes Central


Currently, we see quite a lot of women filling various positions or strategic positions in companies and government. In Indonesia, perhaps the figure of Sri Mulyani, who served as Minister of Finance of Indonesia, once assumed the role of a director at the World Bank.

The Role of Women in Blockchain Becomes Central
Image by Icons8_team from Pixabay

Sri Mulyani is only a small example of the existence of women in a government. Out there, of course, there are many other great female figures who hold strategic positions in the company.

Maybe the realm of technology is often considered not a field that is suitable for women. However, the fact is not the case, but many great women who currently work as CEOs and IT employees in technology companies.

This social gap is what African Ladies (BAL) wants to educate. In Africa, Bitcoin has become something of a bad perspective after a number of investors lost millions of dollars with Ponzi schemes. However, beyond that all Bitcoin has other things that can be offered to society in carrying out financial transformation.

Through Blockchain African Ladies (BAL), the women who are members of this organization educate thousands of Nigerians regarding the opportunity for Bitcoin to be used for other productive things and change their perspective on Bitcoin after the fraud that has occurred.

BAL currently has members in a number of African countries such as Kenya, Cameroon, Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Egypt, Ivory Coast and other countries. The biggest blockchain event for women is Blocktech Women Conferences, where at this event 80% of the speakers are women. Of course, this is different from a conference in general where there are only a few women as speakers.

Doris Ojuederie is a great woman in blockchain who thinks that women also need to be given the same opportunity to give an opinion in a large forum, this is a form of gender equality.

You don’t have to go all the way to Africa, in Indonesia we also have a great woman in blockchain, namely Pandu Sastrowardoyo who wants to play blockchain in Indonesia. By digitizing elements of logistics, distribution, and financial services using blockchain to cut large transaction costs.

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