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Savings Investment Method


It is not easy to manage personal finances properly. With various needs that must be met, you still need to save or invest. So that you have spare funds when you are urgent or want to buy more expensive necessities, such as a house.

Savings Investment Method
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Saving needs to be done as early as possible to get financial freedom in the future. By saving and investing safely, it will allow you to get your dream home. Such as the People’s Housing Savings which ensures the safety of saving and investing.

In particular, the Public Housing Savings is intended for workers to be able to save as well as invest which is managed by legal entities and run by professionals in the field of investment and housing payments. Lets you get the house you dream of.

With transparent and accountable management, the Public Housing Savings has an Investment Contract so that it can get fair returns and provide opportunities to finance the first house, build it yourself, or renovate.

Combination of investment and savings

Tapera provides an opportunity for non-MBR members to work together to help MBR participants while obtaining a fair return at the end of their participation. By saving 3% per month of income, in one year MPR participants can receive home financing benefits in accordance with applicable regulations.

The Tapera management system is managed through investment contracts and in collaboration with Investment Managers who are selected in a transparent, credible manner, and have a history of good governance in optimal management.

According to Tapera Deputy Commissioner for Fund Fertilization, Gatot Subadio, fund management that combines savings and investment allows participants to become the owner of savings funds as well as investment units. The Tapera Participant Fund will be allocated into three major groups, namely utilization, fertilization and reserves.

Budget allocation

The Tapera Fund Fertilization Activities will be invested through the Collective Investment Contract mechanism. Even this investment makes it possible to generate facial returns by taking into account the measurable level of portfolio risk. With this policy, it is possible at the same time to provide direct allocation of funds for housing finance with individual participant ceilings. This fund allocation can be done dynamically by considering the need for financing and the need to maintain the availability of funds in the long term.

For participants whose membership period has ended, an allocation has been prepared taking into account the amount of savings funds. This allocation policy system ensures that each participant group gets their rights proportionally.

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