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Promising Business Opportunities 2020 in the Future


You must agree that the stretching of business opportunities in 2020 is very diverse, continues to develop following the changing times. Moreover , online business opportunities in 2020 are increasingly innovative, competitive, and almost unstoppable. There are also many new creative business ideas that have sprung up throughout 2020.

Promising Business Opportunities 2020 in the Future
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Those of you who are starting to be interested in running a business may have been looking for 2020 business opportunities that are easy, with small capital, profitable, and of course sustainable. So, your business will still live on in the following years even though 2020 has passed. So that you are no longer confused, here are the 2020 business opportunities that you can try to start a business this year.

1. Printing and Screen Printing

This type of business is very broad in scope, there are also many types. A simple printer used to produce orders for calendars, invitations, notebooks with company logos, and the like.

There is also something unique by printing or screen printing photos, images, and designs on souvenirs or gifts. If you want a large scale, you can receive printing services for outdoor promotion, such as billboards and banners. It is guaranteed that the printing business will continue to be needed. Especially if you keep updating the printing technology used.

2. Selling Online

Since ancient times, selling is the main activity to make ends meet and get profit. Its form and methods have changed from time to time. In the present, it is not difficult to start selling. No need to open a stall, just rely on social media or the buying and selling marketplace . Just post an ad with an interesting description and keywords, buyers come. The key, you have to be able to market it well. At the beginning of your business journey, maybe you can use the advertising feature in several e-commerce sites, so that customers can easily find your online store.

For items sold, there can be various kinds, ranging from fashion products, home appliances, children’s books, toys, bedding, school supplies, and much more. You can decide on an online selling business idea according to what you like. For example, if you like fashion, you can start running a fashion business online. There are many fashion products that you can choose from, from clothes, shoes, accessories, bags, and so on.

3. Service entrusted

In the past, people probably just dreamed that they could buy good things from abroad. Unfortunately, there is no money for recreational shopping abroad. Even buying goods through e-commerce sites , the shipping costs are super expensive and the goods don’t arrive. This is your chance to offer services to entrust or buy goods. You can also offer jeep when there is a cheap bazaar for buyers from outside your area.

4. Rent room

Now there is no need to set up special inns or star hotels to get into the accommodation business. With a platform for renting lodging like Airbnb, you can even rent out a room at home. Just beautify the room and create a comfortable atmosphere, then post a room ad. He exclaimed, you can also get foreign tourist customers.

5. Selling Snacks

Almost everyone likes snacking in his spare time. Usually these snacks are always there to accompany you when watching movies, studying in groups, working, and so on. This is what makes selling snacks a promising business opportunity. By opening this business, you can get large enough money without having to have a large capital. You can also start this business by offering directly to the closest people such as friends, neighbors, and so on.

6. Catering business

Nowadays many people don’t have time and don’t have much time to cook at home. For this reason, many small families use catering services to cook them food that can be eaten at home or brought to the office. With this catering business, they don’t need to cook early, so they don’t have to bother. To start with, you can try offering it to close friends or work friends who really like to snack outside.

Create a USP or the uniqueness of your type of business. For example, you serve a healthy catering business without sugar, or an Indonesian food catering business, and so on. With this USP, you can make this business opportunity have added value and are sought after by others.

7. Payment Services

In Indonesia, it is still rare for people to have a credit or debit card that can be used for online transactions. The problem is, when you want to order goods from global e-commerce sites , often the only option used is a credit card. You can offer credit card payment services for those who need it. Promising online business opportunities, right?

8. Laundry

Until today, the laundry business is still in great demand by people, especially people in urban areas. With so many activities they have, they don’t have much time to wash and scrub clothes, that’s why they need laundry services to tidy up the clothes they have. To make this business idea a big advantage, you can try opening this business in a busy urban area, for example near student or employee boarding houses, large housing estates with young people, and so on. For the price of services, you have to adjust it, don’t let you open a laundry business in student boarding houses, but provide prices for employees who already have large incomes.

9. Franchise Business

For those of you who have large capital and cannot start a business from scratch. You can try to buy a franchise business. Where, by running this business, you don’t need to think about how the product is, how to manage it, what kind of finances, and so on. Because with a franchise business, the business system is clear and you just need to carry on with it. Well, this type of business also has considerable advantages, because it usually already has a name. So, make sure you choose a franchise business with good quality and is well known to many people. Also choose a business industry that is popular with people.

For example, currently many people like to drink coffee, you can try buying a coffee shop franchise that is currently being talked about by many people, for example coffee memories, soul promises, and so on. Even though all the systems have been set up, make sure you can also manage them and don’t let your franchise business branch lose money.

The 2020 business opportunity is actually not that complicated and it is always around us. Just start now, don’t delay anymore. After running a business and making a lot of profit, make sure you put it aside by investing. This is useful to help you prepare capital to develop a business in the future.

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