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Don’t be jealous, Bitcoin traders earn $480 / coin overnight


The price of Bitcoin is in an increasing trend. Don’t be jealous if investors and traders of the most popular digital currency can make IDR 7 million in just one night.

Don't be jealous, Bitcoin traders earn $480 coin overnight
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Launching Coindesk, on Tuesday (18/8/2020) at 00.17 UTC, Bitcoin was priced at US412,346.51 per coin. Bitcon’s highest price in the last 24 hours was US $ 12,476.7 per coin.

In the last 24 hours there has been an increase in the price of Bitcoin of US $ 489.11. When compared to the beginning of the year, the Bitcoin price has increased by 71.49%.

The increase in Bitcoin price is expected because investors shifted their investment as a form of hedging from inflation after several world central banks lowered their benchmark interest rates and implemented bond buying programs on financial markets.

Keep in mind that investing in Bitcoin fluctuates a lot. Investors and traders can make big profits overnight and can return big losses overnight. There is no definite driving sentiment for Bitcoin except for supply and demand.

The highest value of Bitcoin is US $ 19,665.39 per coin which occurred in 2017 ago. After the Bitcoin price had plunged freely to touch US $ 4,000 and now it is at the level of US $ 12,000 per coin.

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