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Benefits of Business in Service Sector, Don’t Need Big Capital


Business services is an area of business that uses an individual’s expertise. Especially at this time, a number of people and circles have been working in service businesses.

Nowadays, service businesses have also begun to be offered in the online world. Like the presence of online motorcycle taxis (ojol) and online cleaning services.

This service business is a form of business that offers physical and non-physical actions. The most important thing in this type of business is how they can provide satisfaction to consumers.

Business Service
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Launching from the book 50 Profitable Service Businesses: Multiple Profits Determined Capital, by Zulbiadi Latief, Jakarta, Saturday (19/9/2020). Here are some of the advantages of doing business in the service sector.

  1. Does not require large capital as long as the type of business is not classified as a large industry. What is needed is determination, skills, ideas, services, talents, or intelligence that provide additional value and satisfaction for consumers.
  2. Service businesses that are run are purely intangible and do not recognize purchasing stock. This means that this business does not require consistent and repetitive preparation.
  3. No need to bother distributing, counting and supervising product circulation. Simply focus on the services that will be provided to consumers.
  4. There is no need for circulation products, there will never be a capital settling of the product or capital deposition of the product because the product has not been sold on the market.
  5. Does not require a stock warehouse for circulation of products or raw materials. Except, the reserves of materials and work equipment are of course not that much.
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